When I first started thinking about opening my showroom,  I was finishing up my eighteen years of service at Land Rover. These years had taught me that loyalty, honesty, and incisive knowledge of your product produce happy customers. These were the values I chose to build my own brand on, with a few additions of my own. Like always having my door open, and providing great after sales service. Because you need a car guy. I want to be that guy, the first one that springs to mind.

My showroom is situated in Zastron street, Bloemfontein and we will be able to assist you to get Finance. It is away from the hustle and bustle of the mid city carrooms, and a lot more convenient, because I want you to come to my showroom a lot, even after you’ve bought your dream car. After sales is very important to me, because selling a car is not just a once off deal, but rather a relationship that is created between dealer and buyer. When you are looking for a specific model, even if it is not in the showroom, I can find one for you.
So don’t hold yourself back any longer, come visit me at Leon Geeringh Motors.